8 The Sanctuary at Sedona unveils the Non 12 Step Program on their website

With the prime intention to help people get to know better about the Non 12 Step Rehab and Addiction Program, the Sanctuary at Sedona has published in detail about the program o their official website sanctuary.net. According to one of the site’s representatives, “By highlighting our holistic addition treatment we hope to inform our probable clients about what likely are included in the program as well as the benefits they can obtain with the treatment.”

He further maintained, “We have been advocating and offering our holistic Non 12 step addiction recovery treatment for more than a decade now. Most of our patients and clients were happy to experience encouraging results once they attended the one week program. On top our program has also been endorsed by a host of medical professionals, physicians, forensic anthropologist, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and spiritual leaders.”

It can be noted that along with the publication, the site has also released some video clips featuring renowned personalities in the field of holistic building. The Non 12 step holistic program is meant to help recover a person from addiction, codependency, and other co-occurring disorders which most people believe will take years to eradicate them successfully from their lives.

The representative added, “The program is designed in such a way that any attendee will gain massive chance to repair their brain, heal their body and also recover their soul and spirit. All of their approaches are targeted towards treating a person of physical or mental sufferings.

Located in a 22 acre of land, the Sanctuary is just about 20 minutes drive away from Sedona, Arizona. The place has been known widely as a destination for people looking to get help with holistic healing, spiritual awakening and enjoying the beautiful nature around. The center offers a spa like environment for maximum relaxation and a peaceful stay. For more details go to http://sanctuary.net/rehabilitation-center/codependency-treatment/

About Sanctuary at Sedona

It is a center for treating people with addiction problems and those needing a spiritual awakening. The team of healing professionals works to remove addictions ad disorders like codependency, stress disorder, depression, and anxieties from people’s lives.



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